whoa. what a performance from dylan o’brien in last night’s episode. that was incredible. 

so i finally caught up with everyone else and made a twitter, so if you wanna give me a follow feel free, and be sure to send me yours so i can follow you! 

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yes I followed you okay. :D I should probably sleep now (pssst follow me back now dear bestie of mine)

YAYAYAY! I followed you! Still trying to get used to everything (twitter confuses me) so apologies for what may or may not happen

i got one of those twitter things! if you wanna follow go ahead, and feel free to send me your twitter and i’ll follow you! 

Feb 4 | 2


Pizza fixes everything.

the lannisters in season 4 of game of thrones

this one or any other


lets kill tonight, show them all you’re not the ordinary type


- “They could claim Kira.”


→ Best of Legolas

"Clara Oswald, I will never send you away again."